Intern with the AU review or Hello Asia!
the AU review and our sister site Hello Asia! offers a string of internships and we'd love to invite you to be a part of our program! Read carefully through the form and fill it out as such. If you are successful we will be in touch! These are some of the internship focus areas:

- Writing and Editorial (can be broad or focus on music, film, theatre etc.)
- Video Production and/or Editing
- Event Production/Management (only available at select times of the year - apply to be considered ahead of the next intake!)
- Content and Contributor Management / Editing
- Social Media
- Photography
- Graphic Design (Digital and Print)
- Promotions and Marketing

You can ask for a mix or a specific look into one of the subjects, though we will determine your program based on our initial meeting.

We are a volunteer based organisation which means that there is unlikely to be paid work at the end of this program, however as a well respected brand in the industry, you will leave with a wealth of knowledge and a myriad of other opportunities throughout the industries. This is a fantastic place for you to start. No past experience is required.

Most internships will be completed from home within set hours.

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