SURVEY: How long should it take me to prepare for the QLTS OSCE?
Please note this is for very general estimation purposes only and must not be viewed as the sole factor guiding your choices and decisions. You may be given a generic feedback on your objectives during our online webinar session at OSCE Smart YouTube
What are your legal origins (primary jurisdiction)?
Your answer
Are you common law qualified?
Are you an LPC graduate?
Is English your native language?
How much time can you devote to your prep (hours per week)?
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Will you be able to take at least 3 weeks off work?
Did you study in the UK (at least 1 year legal full time )?
Have you been practicing English law?
If you answered 'yes' to the question above, please provide details (months/years and areas of law)
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Does your job presuppose direct contact with clients?
Have you ever been to the courts of England and Wales?
Have you already started your prep for the OSCE?
If you answered 'yes' to the question above, please provide details (months/years and areas of law covered)
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Are you enrolled in any QLTS OSCE course?
Have you already attempted the OSCE?
From which practice area is CON29O?
How many directors (limited company) are required for the quorum under unamended Model Articles?
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From which practice area is N244?
Do you know the difference between old lease and new lease?
What is the absolute maximum duration of detention (at police station)?
Your answer
On 12 June 2017 you were served with a claim form and particulars attached. When is the deadline for submission of the defence? (Insert the date. You may use calendar in order to answer this question)
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Do you know what is ‘a contingent pecuniary legacy’?
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Have you already cleared MCT or you are exempt?
Expected date of the OSCE
Have you already booked the OSCE?
How did you come to know about us?
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