Bridgeport ISD Registration for Transportation
Bridgeport ISD does not currently provide transportation to regular students that live within two miles of their home campus.

Parents of all Bridgeport ISD students are asked to complete the following registration in order for our department to be prepared for scheduling bus routes for the entire district. You will be asked if your child will be riding the bus. An answer of yes does NOT indicate your child will ride daily. We also understand students may only ride consistently during certain times of the year depending on athletics, band, weather, etc. If your child will never, or rarely ride the bus, an answer of no would be appropriate.
Name of Student(s) Mother
Mothers Phone Number
Name of Student(s) Father
Fathers Phone Number
Primary Home Address *
Secondary Home Address
What is the complete legal name of your child enrolled in Bridgeport ISD? (Name should read the same as their birth certificate.) *
What grade is your child in? *
Will this child be riding the bus to school in the mornings? *
Will this child be riding the bus home from school in the afternoons? *
Does your child have any medial concerns we should know about? *
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