Registration for the XIV Conferment Ceremony of the Faculty of Social Sciences 2016
The Conferment Ceremony will take place on 13 May and on 26–28 May 2016.

This form is for the promovendi and their escorts. Please note that the registration is binding. After filling up the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail with payment information and a link to the matricula form.

Participation in the Conferment Ceremony costs 250 € for promovendi and 200 € for their escorts regardless of how many of the events you choose to participate in.

Escorts must fill their own registration form.

Compulsory fields are marked with an asterisk *.

If you encounter any problems, please contact the Conferment Committee at
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Dietary restrictions
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Other special needs
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Tick all the events you want to participate in. Event details and descriptions can be found on the ceremony website:
Flower's Day, 13 May
Wreath-weaving and Sword-whetting day, 26 May
Conferment Day, 27 May
Ecumenical church service or secular service?
The Conferment Act and the procession from the University to the ecumenical church service / secular service are compulsory for all promovendi.
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Picnic and Ball, 28 May
Additional information
Choice of menu for Wreath-weaving and Sword-whetting dinner
Choose your main course
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Choice of menu for Conferment dinner
Choose your main course
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