Catholic Campus Ministry Small Group Bible Studies
Here are the available Bible studies we have at St. Thomas Aquinas. We currently host five small groups at our Newman center which meet on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays.

Our Graduate Student study will be on Sundays at 6:45 pm in the downstairs library. This study is catered to our graduate student population. Our leader for this study is Dax Bennington. An aspiring doctor of philosophy, he leads engaging discussions about scripture that reach a higher academic level to accommodate the graduate level students who attend St. Thomas. His email is

The Co-Ed Bible study meets on Monday nights at 8 pm in the Mother Teresa Room. This study is for any undergraduate student who feels more comfortable in a mixed group while diving into scripture. The leaders are Jacob Maestri, a senior studying math and history, and Laurel Dhority, a sophomore studying pre-veterinary science. They'd like to especially welcome any freshman who are interested! Jacob's email is and Laurel's email is

Our Greek Bible study meets on Monday nights at 8 pm in the downstairs library. This study caters especially to those in our community who are active in Greek life on campus. The leaders of the Greek study are Amanda Magusiak, a junior studying communications and business, and Drake Enderlin , also a junior studying biology . They are ready to serve the Catholic Greek community and build up the faith in our Greek Life culture. Amanda's email is and Drake's email is

Our Men's Bible study meets on Monday nights at 9 pm in the Mother Teresa Room. The men's study seeks to help young men grow in strength, faith and service of the Lord through scripture. They also may or may not have food. The leaders for the men's study are Nathan Karls, a senior studying marketing, Briar Duman, a senior studying business, and Aiden Artho, a junior studying mechanical engineering. Nathan's email is Briar's email is Aiden's email is

Our Women's Seton's Group study meets every other Tuesday night beginning Sept. 4th in the downstairs library. This is a unique women's ministry at St. Thomas that centers around Scripture, community, and sisterhood. In the off weeks where they do not have formal small group, they host a small social activity varying from studying at the library together, getting dinner or coffee together, you name it! The leaders are Maddie Oxner, a senior studying biological engineering, and Emily Feuerborn, a sophomore studying industrial engineering. Maddie's email is and Emily's email is

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Please select a study you'd like to participate in. Feel free to select multiple studies if they apply to you and don't be afraid to reach out to the leaders. Just go! Don't be nervous about diving deeper into Scripture with your community!
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