In the Bones of Our Ancestors Application
This workshop will take place on Saturday, January 20th from 10am-5pm in Jamaica Plain. Regretfully, the location is not wheelchair accessible. The workshop is being offered free of charge; if you are so moved after participating, you are invited to make a donation to Boston Workmen’s Circle to sustain this work.

Who is this workshop for?
~People who identify as white & Jewish
~People who read and agree to the group agreements below
~People who are in a mix of places on the spectrum of thinking about these issues
~People who are open to growth

If you are able to commit to attend the full workshop from 10am-5pm, please complete this application by Dec 14th. As there are limited spots for this workshop, we will confirm participation by Dec 21st.

If you are interested in attending a workshop in the future but have a conflict for Jan 20th, please email with the subject line “In the Bones” and ask to be added to the interest list.

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Workshop Goals & Group Agreements
Have more questions about whether this is the right space for you? Read the Workshop Goals and Group Agreements below and see if they resonate. If you would like to participate, click the checkbox next to the Group Agreements you agree to abide by, and leave the box empty for any that you have a question about. Please note your questions in the space below.

The goals of this workshop are:

- Personal and collective healing and transformation from the ways we, and our ancestors, have been harmed and have harmed others through white supremacy.

- To be effective and whole in our work to dismantle white supremacy in ourselves and in the world.

To achieve these goals, together our Group Agreements are to:
Column 1
Bring our full presence, setting our phones and logistics aside for the day.
Create a non-judgemental space for growth that is heart centered and forward moving.
Bring our vulnerability, shining light on the places inside each of us that may be in need of healing.
Explore the duality of being targets of anti-semitism while being agents of racism.
Explore that duality with openness, curiosity and the propensity for growth.
Work to dismantle white supremacy, first by uncovering it in our own hearts, minds and bodies, and then by locating ourselves within our communities, as agents of change.
Use ritual as a tool to heal from the ways we are dehumanized by anti-semitism, racism & white supremacy.
If you have any questions about any of these agreements, please list your specific questions in the space below:
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Application Questions
Please briefly answer the questions below. There are no right answers, just looking to gauge where each person is entering the space.
What draws you to participate in this workshop?
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What connection, if any, do you feel to your ancestors? This may include biological ancestors, adoptive ancestors, political ancestors, and could include people you have known personally (a parent, grandparent, great aunt, etc.) or only know by name, story or picture.
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Do you feel you have been harmed by the systems of racism, anti-semitism and white supremacy? If so, how?
Your answer
Are there any ways you are aware of that you have caused others harm through these systems? If so, please describe briefly.
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What tools do you have for self care or spiritual practice? (This may include exercise, being in nature, meditation, singing, etc.)
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What allows you to be your best self?
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Which generation do you identify with?
Column 1
Generation Z (also known as igeneration)
Generation X
Baby Boomers
Silent Generation
GI Generation
Please list any dietary restrictions you have. Food for the day will be provided.
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Let us know if you have any access needs that will help us know how to best set up the training to work for you:
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This is the first time this workshop is being offered, can you commit to spend 15 minutes in the week following the workshop to fill out an evaluation & share your feedback?
Are you comfortable with your answers being shared anonymously during the workshop?
Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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