Camp Mystic Event Submission 2020
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What are your AV Needs if any? (Music, amplified sound, carpeted space, stage, multiple microphones, etc)
We will do our best to accommodate you but you are expected to bring anything special over and above microphones, speakers, and chairs.
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Any limitations with respect to which days or times you can do your event? Time conflicts?
Speaker Series events in the theater, temple, and dome will primarily be from Wednesday - Saturday between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Musical offerings tend to be in the evenings from Monday - Saturday.
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Preference over which space you'd like to hold your event? (You can check more than 1) *
In general speaking events and workshops plus yoga/dance/movement classes happen in our main theater and at the reactor project stage. The offerings that are more like session work, healing, body work, ritualistic events, sound healings, caceo ceremonies, etc. happen in our Healing Dome and Cosmic Heart Temple.
Tell us about your expertise or credibility in this area and anything that would help us deliberate over why your event should be one of the ones chosen. *
We often get way more submissions than we have spots. Give us details about your bio, ways you embody what you teach in your own life, and any experience you have speaking, facilitating, and serving others in this area. Keep this compassionately brief.
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