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Burning Man Goes INFINITE! This year given the cancellation of the 'physical' Burn we get to explore the Multiverse in cyberspace and adapt the incredible creativity and wisdom to creating a truly remarkable impact on raising consciousness to those that might not normally make it to the playa but would come to a virtual event.     This application is for anyone who'd like to create and facilitate an offering for an official Virtual Burn and any other online project we might get invited to.
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Names of any other facilitators, performers, panelists, or speakers that will be participating?
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This is what will appear on our website & the burning man online guide.  You can use more than 150 characters but make it compassionately brief.  1 short paragraph.
What kind of interactivity might you include? (Check all that apply)  We highly encourage events that are engaging and interactive. *
Any limitations with respect to which days or times you can do your event? Time conflicts? These might occur during Burn Week, but there might be other dates and times you could be invited to bring your offering
Preference over which topic area yours fits into? *
In general speaking events and workshops plus yoga/dance/movement classes happen in our main theater and at the reactor project stage.  The offerings that are more like session work, healing, body work, ritualistic events, sound healings, caceo ceremonies, etc.  happen in our Healing Dome and Cosmic Heart Temple.
Tell us about your expertise or credibility in this area and anything that would help us deliberate over why your event should be one of the ones chosen. *
We often get way more submissions than we have spots.  Give us details about your bio, ways you embody what you teach in your own life, and any experience you have speaking, facilitating, and serving others in this area.  Keep this compassionately brief.
Are you interested in one virtual event or receiving invitations to other virtual events? *
Do you have any other skills might want to bring to help co-create on creating this virtual burn?
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Let us know more specifically what you would like to contribute in time, treasure, or talent to creating this virtual Burn?
For the past 2 months, CYBER MYSTIC, a weekly Zoom gathering, has been open for connection between all Mystics and their guests from 7pm to Midnight PDT.  Please check all that apply to you:
If you have participated, even briefly, in at least 1 CYBER MYSTIC.  Please check all that apply to you:
The main purpose for CYBER MYSTIC to start was to offer support to Mystics and their guests during these unusual times in the face of a worldwide pandemic.  Opportunity for connection was paramount, however, being Mystic, a desire to offer some amount of content in the form of speakers, workshops, and musical performance was also important.  Based on your experience, please check all that apply:
With respect to your answers to the questions surrounding your offerings to a Virtual Burn and other virtual events, please check all that apply:
If you answered interested in any way above re: CyberMystic, please contact C-Rex  at  and/or leave a note below:
Anything else you'd like us to know?
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