Anime USA 2019 Cosplay Judging Application:
Please fill this form out as completely as you can. Any incomplete forms may result in not being able to compete. Please be as honest and concise as you can be. We are looking for a well rounded group of judges to work with our staff and be fair with our competitors. We want to get to know you as a costumer, so please answer the questions as best as possible - and feel free to ask us any questions at

Please do not be intimidated by the form, as we just want to get to know you as a costumer the best we can. Judges will be given a complimentary badge for the convention. We expect you to be on-time for all judging session; and to be fair and unbiased. All confirmed judges, and declines will be contacted by October 18, 2019. We will also be selecting stand-by judges; all stand-by judges will receive confirmations that they have been selected to be a standby judge on October 18 - you can be confirmed up until October 25th.

Thanks for looking!
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Why do you want to judge? *
Why do you want to be a judge for Anime USA's Cosplay Contests?
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What type of training do you have pertaining to the craftsmanship of contests? *
Let us know what you know! If your a prop master - say it! If your awesome with sewing; we want to know! What skills can you bring to our panel of judges?
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Have you ever participated in a Cosplay Contest/Masquerade? What's your background with cosplay? *
Let us know what you've done? If you haven't don't feel bad! We'll still look at your application; we just want to know how much previous history you have.
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Do you have a portfolio or photos to share with us? *
We want to see what you've worked on previously - please share with us! Any links will be accepted (please make sure they are open to sharing.)
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Judging Times:: *
Our judging times for our Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest will be Friday 11am - 4pm, and Saturday from 11am - 3pm. Masquerade Judging times are from 2pm - 4pm; and then the show itself. Judges are expected to be at cosplay headquarters at least 15 minutes prior to the judging timeslot. They are also expected to be at the masquerade for the awards presentation (you will be given priority seating for this event.) Will this be a problem for you?
Any other questions? Concerns?
Anything else that you need information on; please leave us a message here.
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