2018 English Symposium - 3MP Abstract Submission
Presentation Format
The primary purpose of the 3MP competition is to give a simple, understandable overview of one’s scholarly project, and its secondary purpose is to convey your own personality and enthusiasm. Win your audience over with what you’ve studied and who you are.
• Contestants will give their 3-minute presentation with a single PowerPoint Slide in preliminary rounds on Thursday, 1 March 2018.
• The audience and a panel of faculty will judge the presentations according to three criteria: Content (how clear and interesting the ideas, how convincing, how well arranged), Delivery (voice, pace, gestures, enthusiasm, professionalism, staying within time), Slide (understandable, helpful, interesting).
• Half of the contestants will advance to the final round on Friday, 2 March 2018.
• The audience and a panel of faculty will judge the finalists based on the same criteria. The faculty judges will award monetary prizes, and the audience will vote for the $100 People’s Choice Award.

Check out recordings of the 3MP competition held during the 2016 BYU English Symposium: YouTube Playlist - 5 winners from 2016 and YouTube Playlist - complete set of participants (36 videos).

Proposal Instructions
Submit an abstract of 250-300 words that states the main claim of your project on this Google Form.

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