Help Us Articulate The Carpentries Values
Shared values and goals have long been the starting point of communities of practice as they identify changes they want to see and start working together towards these changes. The Carpentries started out with a clear goal - teaching foundational computational skills to researchers worldwide. Something that is also important and unique about our community is how we work and engage with each other. As a community, values are important to us and we consider that we have a set of shared values. However, we have not yet articulated what these values are.

The Executive Council did some preliminary work on this at their in-person meeting in 2018, and The Carpentries team has also done some exercises in this regard.

To be truly reflective of the community however, we believe that it is important for community involvement be an integral part of creating these value statements for The Carpentries. We want to get feedback from you, our community, particularly on what matters to you. We intend to use this information to inform and create a beta draft of a set of value statements for The Carpentries.

Help us articulate The Carpentries Values by filling out the form below, or contributing to our discussion in The Carpentries Conversations repository ( or on TopicBox (
Envision people you think of as representative of The Carpentries community. What words would you use to describe these people? (No need to identify them, briefly outline their characteristics.)
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The workshops we run, calls we hold, interactions we have on various platforms, and guidelines we use to uphold these interactions are but a few things that make us who we are as a community. With this in mind, in 2-3 sentences, how would you describe The Carpentries community culture?
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From your understanding of our community culture and the demeanour of individuals that constitute The Carpentries, what specific actions would you like The Carpentries community to take up or uphold in everyday Carpentries conversations going forwards? *
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