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Contact us:
Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Cox: karen_cox_4@yahoo.com
Rolling in Faith Executive Director, Hadley Stephens: rollinginfaith@gmail.com
Please list dates and name of the program that your group is wanting to be involved with.
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Housekeeping Items Before Events
1. Someone from our volunteer team will contact you to schedule your group.
2. Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior of event's start time to review guidelines and necessary information. (Team member will notify you of an expected arrival time).
3. Please fill out waiver at the same time as volunteer application. Both forms can be found linked on our website.
-If you are under 18, please ensure your guardian/parent can fill out this form prior to the event.
4. Placemaker Parties: We ask that volunteers DO NOT post photos of participants to their Snapchat in order to maintain the safety and integrity of our program(s) and participants. If you utilize other forms of social media (Facebook/Instagram) we ask that are mindful of your posts. 

I have read the above rules & regulations and certify that my group understands and complies with these terms. (Virtual Signature of Main Contact for Group) *
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