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Grade 8 and 9
All subjects are compulsory
1. Students must choose between Afrikaans and IsiZulu as their First Additional Language
2. Only students who speak IsiZulu as their home language or those who have completed IsiZulu as a First Additional
Language in preceding years may take IsiZulu.

- English HL - IT
- Afrikaans FAL * Or IsiZulu FAL * - Life Orientation
- Mathematics - Natural Science
- Creative Art - Social Science
- EMS - Technology
Please select one of the following
Selection Grade 10, 11 and 12
English HL*
Afrikaans FAL* OR
IsiZulu FAL* (excluding grade 12)
Life Orientation*
Mathematics * OR
Mathematical Literacy*
Physical Science
Life Sciences (Biology)
CAT (Computer Applications Technology)
Business Studies
Information Regarding Subject Selection
- For Grades 8 and 9, students must choose between Afrikaans FAL and IsiZulu FAL. All other subjects are compulsory.
- Please consider the subject selection for Grade 10 students carefully as changes after the beginning of Grade 11 are not
permitted in the new curriculum.
- The FET (Grade 10 - 12) Syllabus requires seven subjects for this phase, four of which are compulsory and three
- Grade 10 students may consider a 4th elective, (at the cost of a single subject) which can be dropped in Grade 11 and
- Should a student take more than 7 subjects for Matric, there will be an additional IEB exam cost per additional subject.
- The selection of Physical Science will be subject to achieving a minimum mark of 50% in Mathematics at the end of
Grade 9
- Mathematics is a requirement for the selection of Physical Science.
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