International Trail Task Teams
The World Trails Network facilitates international volunteer teams of global and local trail experts who collaborate on various projects, international campaigns and trail advocacy. Each team has a core leadership and a convening Chairperson that is focused on delivering defined outcomes that are overseen by the WTN International Advisory Committee.

The Task Teams seek to make tangible impacts for trails around the world, strengthening policy, raising awareness and encouraging best practice in trail design, construction, maintenance and marketing.

Bring your expertise and collaborative skills to these dynamic networking teams and contribute to the global trails industry, further your experience and career.

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Although you may have diverse trail interests, we suggest that you select no more than 2 Trail Task Teams at a time to share your expertise, to network and develop your career as you volunteer to enhance the international trails industry.
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The various Chairs of the International TrailsTask Teams that you have selected will be in contact with you. They will usually only send out communications at the end of the month. Should you require more urgent response, please email:

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