Okanagan Adventist Academy (OKAA) - SWOT Survey 2016 - 17
Due to an ever evolving paradigm shift in both our local SDA community and indeed society itself, the staff, administration, school board and concerned stakeholders find it both desirable and prudent to re-evaluate our effectiveness, role and relevance as to the mandate of providing an alternative Christian education for both the constituent churches and the community of which Okanagan Adventist Academy is a part. It is to this end that this survey instrument is being circulated. The objective is to obtain feedback from a variety of stakeholders and will provide some support to the future direction of the school. should.
The survey will ask for your responses in the following broad categories:
- Spiritual Effectiveness
- Academic Effectiveness
- Effectiveness of the School Administration
- School Board
- Promotions and Marketing
- School Financing
- School Culture

This survey will be used to assess the perception of how effective Okanagan Adventist Academy is in providing Christian Education to the students that are or have attended the school. The S (strengths), W (weaknesses), O (opportunities) and T (threats) survey will give the administration and school board an instrument to confirm best practices, identify areas for improvement and will be used in the development of our next 5 Year Strategic Plan. This survey will allow for your responses to remain anonymous to encourage an accurate reflection of your opinion and experiences. Please supply your survey answers based on the last 10 years as this will provide us with a more current perspective of where we are at.

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