2018 LEAP Sign Up
We are so glad you are interested in coming back to Camp!

The following programs will be offered for LEAP this summer:

LEAP Create
LEAP Journey
LEAP Earth
*Please see the website for a more detailed description of each program.

All LEAP programs will begin on the same day. LEAP begins on August 17th and will go until August 24th.

You will not be asked to rank your LEAP program preference until your registration form. You will receive the registration form in an email after you complete this sign-up form.

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The fees for camp are as follows: $50 deposit, $400 camp fee, $50 transportation fee (if you require transportation to and from camp). If money is an obstacle, we ask that you try asking family, friends, community organizations or your school for some help -- often times, churches, schools and community organizations and businesses have funds set aside for this kind of experience. Please indicate if you would like us to send you a fundraising letter template to help you raise funds in your community.
Deposit Payment *
Once you have submitted this application, please email transfer a $50 deposit to campmicahmail@gmail.com or send a cheque, payable to "Camp Micah", to our office. Please indicate your method of payment below.
After you complete this sign-up, you will receive a registration package in your email with a registration form and consent letters. Later in the summer you will receive more details about what to pack, transportation, etc. Do you have any questions for us at this time?
Thank you for considering coming back to Camp Micah!!!
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