Women's Pro Application Form 2016
PLEASE NOTE: Trials will involve one debate on Saturday August 27th at Monash Clayton, so please keep this day free.


ADJ CV instructions will be sent in the next few weeks, and are due Saturday 3rd September at 5pm.

All Pros will receive $75 sponsorship, reducing the price of rego to $215.

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I am interested in being a Pro with a novice *
I am interested in being a Pro with another Pro in a co-team leader team *
Depending on numbers, there may be very limited teams available for two people who are considered pros to debate together. If they exist there will be very few. Pro in teams with novices will be put in teams first.
Please list your top 3 debating achievements *
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What would you like your novice/team mate to say were the three best things about debating with you? *
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What kind of novices/team mates do you think you would be best placed to help? *
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Are there any kinds of novices or team mates (especially based on the below scenarios) which you feel like you could not work with. *
For example, team mates who lack confidence, team mates who have little formal debating experience but are smart/do public speaking, team mates who do not handle losing debates well, team mates who do not turn up to many training sessions, team mates who are shy or have difficulty making friends or team mates who are slow to improve. Please answer this question honestly. However, please note that pros who have the ability and interest to debate with a wider range of people will be prioritised.
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What would a successful Women's look like for you, before, during and after? *
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I understand that by applying and undertaking trials I will be financially liable for any spot I am given based on the answers I provided on this form *
Do you want to adjudicate in the event you do not receive a debating spot? *
If so, you will receive an ADJ CV form to fill out in the next few weeks.
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