Volunteer Registration Form
CUPA Admin Office
Kensington Apartments, Flat D, Ground Floor,
18/1 Ulsoor Main Road, Ulsoor,
Bangalore 560 008, Karnataka India
(Mon to Sat, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm)
Ph: 080 22947317
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If due to unexpected circumstances I am unable to do so, I shall inform the Shelter staff. I agree to take the 3 anti rabies pre bite vaccinations on Days 0-7-21, if I choose to work directly with animals. (These are latest, Intramuscular shots in the arm).
A few questions :
Do you wish to work for:
Where did you hear about CUPA and why did you choose to volunteer specifically with this organization?
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Have you worked as a volunteer before? If yes, what did you do, when, and with which organization?
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What other interests do you have?
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Would your period of volunteering be part of a school or college internship? If so, please state the full name and address of the Institution.
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Would your Institution expect a letter of acknowledgment/ recommendation from CUPA, at the end of the period?
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If so, are you agreeable to giving a formal letter from the head of your Institution or Department? This must be addressed to the Hon. Secretary CUPA, requesting for this internship.
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Kindly remember to attach a Xerox copy of the vaccination certificate to your form during Induction, date of which will be indicated to you by e-mail, once we receive the application, duly completed.
In case you get bitten or injured, who do we contact? Please give us the telephone number and name of the contact person.
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I am agreeable to the objectives and policies of CUPA.
CUPA will not be held responsible in any manner for any untoward accident or incident during my visit.
I will not misuse any information and materials of any of the CUPA centers at any given time.I will not take photographs without prior permission.
I will not perform any procedures or interfere with any medical treatments during my visit to CUPA.
I will dress appropriately as per the rules of the organization.
I will share all observations and information only with the Management.
I will adhere to the Volunteer rules and policies of CUPA.Any information I have to share will be directed only to the management and not with the staff or administration of CUPA.
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On my being approved and accepted as a Life member of CUPA, I accept and will abide by the Policies and Regulations of the Organisation. I will at no point, go against the Organisation, singly or in concert with others at any time intended to deliberately bring down the efficiency & reputation of the Organisation, in public or otherwise.
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