ARE Prep Survey - AIA MidTN
Please fill out the following questions in regards to ARE Prep.
Rank the following in order of importance to you for preparing for the ARE. (1 being the most important, 5 being the least.) *
Study groups & sessions
Brightwood (formerly Kaplan) resource library
Black Spectacles (Option 1 – weekly group viewings of the Black Spectacles videos)
Black Spectacles (Option 2 – monthly group meetups to take practice exams, hear panel discussions, etc.)
Mentorship and advice from licensed architects.
What does your firm provide for ARE Prep? *
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If you are a current member of AIA, does your firm pay your dues? *
Are you currently testing or getting ready to start testing for the ARE? *
If Yes, please indicate which tests you have already passed. *
Would you be interested in participating in Black Spectacles this fall? *
If Yes, please indicate the subscription time that would be most valuable to you.
Please let us know what resources you are looking for from AIA Middle TN with regard to ARE Prep. What have we done well and what can we do better? *
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If we may reach out to you to further understand your needs as a valued AIA member, please enter your contact information here.
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