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The BIRCH 2021 meeting will be held January 12th - 31st, 2021 and will have a number of items on the agenda, including those discussed at BIRCH 2019: the restructuring of the BIRCH process; Trans and Non-Binary Inclusion in Reclaiming; Bipoc Inclusion in Reclaiming; and the conclusion, after community discussion, of the changes to the POU proposed at the September 2020 meeting.

The meetings will be held entirely online using two platforms: Loomio for asynchronous discussion and Zoom for synchronous discussion. Use this form to be able to participate in the Loomio conversation in preparation of the zoom meeting. The latter will be only for the community representatives selected by each community.

To make this event as accessible as possible the registration fee is $0 to $300. This event does take money and effort to create, you can find more information about our budget here:
If you can donate, please do so using this link
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