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Please fill out this form regarding your winterization + storage needs for this winter.

Please note that the storage fee DOES NOT include shrink wrapping. If you do not wish to have your boat shrink wrapped, please make the appropriate selection.

For additional information on pricing for motor winterization, please see our Winterization Pricing Sheet.
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Prices vary by motor type. For questions on pricing, please refer to the Winterization Pricing Sheet.
Do you want your boat shrink wrapped? *
Shrink wrapping is $15/ft. Storage fees are: OUTDOOR - $20/ft for boats/pontoons; INDOOR - (limited space available) $33/ft for boat/pontoon
Do you want Fall Pick-Up + Delivery to our storage facility?* *
*Additional Fees Apply: Prior Lake and Spring Lake + $150; All other lakes + $250
Do you want Spring Delivery to your home?* *
*Additional Fees Apply: Prior Lake and Spring Lake + $150; All other lakes + $250
Do you want us to fill up your gas tank in the Spring?* *
*Additional Fees Apply: + $15 convenience fee + $ cost of gas
Do you want Spring Cleaning for your boat?* *
*Additional Fees Apply: + $275 (includes vacuuming, power washing of carpets; dusting, wipe down, and shining of upholstery; power wash toons and outside of boat; wipe down of entire exterior of boat)
Please read the following insurance disclaimer. *
**Insurance disclaimer**While we do carry insurance, there are some things that insurance will and will not cover, regardless of the insurance coverage or company. So we wanted to take a moment to go over these items so everyone is on the same page. First of all, you are trusting us with your boat and/or pontoon. We take that seriously, and will treat it like it is our own. Donkey Docks is covered by insurance for boat/pontoon transfers and any damage done to boats in our possession during transporting or while being worked on (winterizing engines).Donkey Docks will only take care of the services that we have mentioned for winterizing your motor. Additional services needed or damages that occur due to normal wear and tear on a motor such as, but not limited to: new starter, impeller kit, new fuel lines, etc. These services will cost extra and will be determined by an engine/boat diagnostic or a repair shop should you need one. Donkey docks is not responsible for environmental damages (i.e. rodents, mice) or natural disasters such as: high wind gusts, blizzards, tornadoes , fires, etc.; and any sort of vandalism, that may cause damage to boats. However, we will always try to accommodate the customer if such incidents do occur. Typically any such incidents would be covered by the boat owners insurance. That is why you will want to check with your insurance agent and make sure to keep your personal boating insurance year round, which should cover theft, vandalism, fires, tornadoes, etc.
By submitting this form, I understand that I am confirming that I want Donkey Docks to provide the above selected services to my boat for the 2019 Winter season. *
Is there any additional information that you would like us to know?
Please include any additional notes here. Please note that we will be in contact with you soon to discuss pick ups & drop offs. If you have any additional questions, please email us at
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