Odoo Community Survey spring 2014
The Odoo Community Association would like to hear from you what you think of the recent changes announced by OpenERP SA in May 2014. Please give us your opinion by answering the following questions.
Usage and marketing
OpenERP is now called Odoo and is marketed as a suite of business apps
What is your relationship with Odoo? *
What is your main use for Odoo? *
Does the new name and marketing suit your usage of Odoo? *
Apart from the marketing value, do you like the name 'Odoo'? *
New pricing
Pricing is now dependent on the number of apps deployed, and calculated as total number of users x total number of apps deployed.
Pricing for on-premise users *
The pricing for on-premise users is the same as for SAAS. What do you think about that?
Pricing for existing contracts *
For my organisation or my customers, the new pricing will be:
Effect of the new pricing
Please select any of the effects below that you think the new pricing may have on your customers (if you are an implementation partner), or on yourself (if you are a user). You may also not tick any if you think that none of them applies.
Is the new pricing competitive compared to other products? *
What added values do you see in having a paid subscription? *
No added value
Some added value
Much added value
Support / bug fixing
Migration service (on-premise)
Continuous new features (SAAS)
Move to GitHub
The way that the code and the community processes are organized have been moved away from Launchpad to a different platform
What is the impact of the switch from Launchpad to GitHub on your processes *
Do you favour the switch from Launchpad to GitHub? *
Open Source value
As partner or a customer, do you think that the fact that Odoo is Open Source software should be marketed? *
Please rank the added value of Odoo being Open Source software *
No added value
Some added value
Much added value
The absence of license fees makes it cheap to use
No vendor lock-in: the license guarantees freedom in terms of support options, including self-support
Availability of source code makes the software easy to customize
Security and/or privacy can be guaranteed by inspecting the source code
Closed source alternatives *
Would you consider a closed source alternative if it was cheaper than Odoo while still fulfilling your needs?
About you
What is your name? *
Your answer
What is the name of your company?
Your answer
What is the size of your company?
Your answer
In which country are you located? *
Any other comments?
Have you got anything to share about the recent changes that we have not raised in the questions above?
Your answer
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