M3 - participant application form
Norway, May 24th - June 1st of 2019

Please make sure you fill in this form before April 28th, thank you.
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In order to make the training course as efficient, relevant and beneficial as possible, the team of trainers will meet a couple of days prior to the event and fine-tune the foreseen programme of activities to the specific profile, needs, expectations and contributions of the participants. To allow us to do so, and in order to make the training course as relevant as possible for all of us, please be very specific in describing the following:
SHORT BIO: please give us a short introduction about yourself in relation to youth work, management and civil society activism. *
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ONLINE PORTFOLIO: if there are any links to your online CV, LinkedIn profile, SALTO profile or any other online portfolio about you, please indicate them here.
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YOUR ORGANISATION: please tell us briefly about the organisation that you will represent (aim/mission, target group, activities, …), and what is your role in that organisation. *
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MOTIVATION: what is your motivation to apply for our training course? What are you hoping to get, and what could you contribute? How would it contribute to your professional development, and to the development of your organisation? *
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MAKING WAVES: who else will benefit in the future from your participation in this training course? How can you ensure a wider impact of this training course for youth work? How will you use the outcomes of this training course in your future work, and who will benefit from it? Please be aware that if you get selected, it will be mandatory to submit a written report after the training course to give account of follow-up activities. *
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YOUR EXPERIENCE: how experienced do you consider yourself in *
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youth work
YOUR SUPERPOWER: what is your superpower in your work? *
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ANYTHING ELSE you would like to tell us about yourself and your application?
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Do you have any special needs?
Pls indicate if we should be aware of special arrangements to be taken for you, eg in terms of food, support etc
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do you need a visa? *
only if you need visa: full residential address
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only if you need visa: passport
pls indicate nationality, passport number, date of issueing and expiry, and the issueing authority
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Please take note of the following conditions that apply in case you get selected, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY BEFORE CONFIRMING: *
1. I commit myself to participate in the whole process, including: • to prepare myself carefully for the event and to do all remote preparation work the team will ask for, • to take part for the full duration of the event (mandatory condition for the reimbursement of travel costs and eligibility to be a participant) • to participate in the whole evaluation process and to give written account on “making waves” (follow-up projects, impact, dissemination, etc) 2. I am aware that obtaining a health, accident, liability and travel insurance are my own responsibility and at my own expenses. I understand that the information I provided on my special needs does not remove my own personal responsibility for ensuring my own health. 3. I understand that I will share a room with several persons, and that the conditions at the venue are basic. I understand that the programme will be very intensive and that there will only be very little free time. 4. I confirm that I have understood and agree with the conditions outlined in the “call for participants”. 5. I consent to the use of my personal details (name & e-mail) and to photos and videos of me (taken in the frame of the project) to be processed and published for purposes of administration and dissemination in the frame of this project and related follow-up projects only. 6. I consent to the use of my answers given in this application for publication in a “paxbook” and for publication in an online resource collection about this project (confidential data such as special needs, fewer opportunities, phone numbers, address etc will not be used)
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