Rogue Burlesque: Audition Application 2018
Thanks for your interest in auditioning for Rogue Burlesque!

First, please make sure to read our FAQ, "So You Want to Go Rogue?"

The deadline to submit to Rogue is August 12, 2018.

All submissions will be reviewed and select applicants will be invited to participate in an in-person audition after the submission deadline.

In-person auditions will take place this fall, date & time TBD.

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What is your work schedule? (days, nights, early mornings, weekends, etc.) *
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Any other regular time commitments and/or schedule constraints besides work? *
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Are you available to rehearse regularly on Sunday nights from 6-9 pm? *
How frequently are you hoping to perform burlesque? *
Consider what you can realistically handle between your other work/life/artistic commitments.
Are you responsive to emails and/or texts? *
(We do a lot over email!)
What neighborhood/town do you live in? What is your transportation situation (car, T, etc.)? *
Our rehearsals are in Somerville. Performances in Cambridge or Boston.
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What is your dance/theater/burlesque background? *
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What other relevant skills and/or experience do you have?
Examples: costuming, juggling, singing, comedy, acrobatics, hooping, aerials, clowning, etc...
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How would you describe your burlesque persona? Or if you don’t know that yet, who or what are your influences? *
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What style of burlesque most appeals to you and why? What would you ideally like to be doing in terms of your burlesque performances? *
Examples: nerdlesque, comedy, classic striptease, horror/shock value, gender-bending, dance-heavy, etc...
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Provide an example of a routine done by a member of Rogue Burlesque (either that you’ve seen live or on video) and describe what about that routine was memorable or appealing to you. *
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Why do you feel Rogue Burlesque is a good fit for you? *
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What are your feelings about working regularly with a group of women? What are your enthusiasms and concerns? *
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Video Submission
Along with your questionnaire, please submit 1-3 videos of burlesque acts that highlight your strengths.

Videos do not have to be professional quality, just good enough to show what you're doing, hear the music, etc.

Cell-phone footage in a dance studio is fine, it doesn't have to be a live performance with an audience. But it should be performed as if there were an audience with you giving it your all 100%.

Please wear full costume and makeup, with any applicable props or set pieces for your video submissions.

If possible, we would like to see contrasting styles of burlesque.

What do we mean by "contrasting styles?"


classic vs. neo-burlesque
comedy vs. sexy
high-energy vs. slow and slinky
bump n grind vs. nerdlesque
horror vs. dance-heavy

etc etc

Show us your best acts that display different assets: your acting chops, your sweet dance moves, your sense of humor, your smoldering seduction, your epic costuming skills, whatever you've got!

Submit your video links below. Make sure that the privacy setting on your videos are set to play for anyone who has the link. (If they're on YouTube, that would be "Unlisted." This keeps your video unsearchable to the public, but we can watch it when given the link.)

If you'd rather submit video as an attachment, please email them to You can also share a DropBox video or a Google Drive video with

If you're doing one of these options instead of sharing a link, please note how you're sharing the videos in the fields below.

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