Civic Design 2017 - UC San Diego
This studio course explores how to design services for complex socio-technical systems. The class will follow a human-centered design process that includes user research, concept generation, prototyping, and refinement. Students will work in teams to design a solution to a civic challenge effecting people in the San Diego area. This will be a good course for intermediate to advanced design students who want to build up their portfolio and to practice their skills with sketching, storyboarding, prototyping, and evaluating services for complex settings.

This is a 4-credit hour class that has been approved as an elective for CogSci majors. Students may petition to count the course for other programs, such as the Design Minor. As a prerequisite, students must have completed as least one prior project-based design or engineering course at UCSD (e.g., DSGN 1, DSGN 100, CSE 170/COGS 120, COGS 122...).

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This is an exciting all-day event that brings together people from design, business and civics to discuss how human-centered design can transform San Diego. The civic design challenges will be featured throughout the summit, including a prize ceremony to close the day. A member of each team should be at the event to represent UCSD! Learn more at and
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