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1) Marriage is a necessity in my life *
2) Marriage is a lifelong relationship and bonding *
3) I think that arranged marriage is more acceptable *
4) My parents agree with my choice of a future spouse (Love Marriage) *
5) Family background, Traditions and Socioeconomic status, etc are to be considered in selecting my future spouse *
6) Religion, Caste, Sub-caste, Creed and Locality are important in marriage *
7) Astrology, Numerological and the like compatibilities are also important *
8) Spiritual faith / Faith in God / Belief systems are important in married life *
9)Shared Spiritual practices (Prayers, Meditations, visiting spiritual places, etc) are needed *
10) Living a life of mutual faith, love and understanding is very important in life *
11) The Traditional roles of husband and wife are important *
12) Advice and support from both spouse’s parents and elder members are very important *
13) Both spouses should look after their ailing parents, even after marriage, if needed *
14) Change of lifestyle after marriage is a must *
15) Accepting major changes, new experiences and situations are really needed *
16) Instead of rigidity, flexibility in day to day activities is highly essential *
17) It is better that the husband should have the overall control of major general matters *
18) Both should discuss about financial matters (earning, saving, spending and giving) *
19) At critical times, combined decision is to be implemented *
20) Mutual sharing of feelings, emotions, thoughts and opinions are needed *
21) Mutual caring and support in times of pain, disease and disabilities is absolutely necessary *
22) The wife should be responsible for day to day household affairs like cooking, servants and the like miscellaneous items *
23) Both should take care of children’s needs, schooling and their problems *
24) I consider my future spouse as my best friend *
25) I want my future spouse in good health, appearance, personality and mannerism *
26) Good habits, values and virtues of my spouse are more important than external beauty and glamour *
27) To some extent the financial status of my spouse and family is a matter of concern for me *
28) Dowry system / plenty of ornaments / expensive marriage ceremonies, etc are needed in marriage *
29) A full assessment of my future spouse at the first meeting is difficult *
30) Datings and pre-marital communications are important for a better understanding of my spouse *
31) I can ignore the past history of my spouse, including love affairs, if any, and can get along happily in the future *
32) I would like to discuss the future plans, work, career and other goals with my spouse *
33) Both members should be working and earning for financial stability and better living *
34) Wife need not be a working woman, for looking after children and household affairs *
35) I am concerned about the food habits of my spouse and can adjust with any dietary changes, if needed *
36) I can tolerate the personal likes and dislikes of my spouse *
37) My spouse’s personal hygiene and special habits are very important *
38) Knowing the sleeping pattern, snoring, sleeping positions, bedroom comforts (A/C / fan speed / mosquito repellants / keeping windows and doors open / closed) and the like are important *
39) Both spouses should have a regular morning routine (getting up early, daily rituals, spiritual practices, de-cluttering activities, preparing for the day’s programs and children’s needs etc) *
40) Both spouses should help each other for completing morning household activities, especially if both are employed *
41) I am concerned about the affinity for fashion and the dress code of my spouse *
42) I am willing to re-locate, accompany my spouse in case of change in work and work place *
43) I will encourage the Passion and Creativity of my future spouse *
44) Sex is an important factor in married life *
45) I should share with my spouse sexual likes, dislikes, fears, confusions etc *
46) I am against sexual fantasies in my life *
47) Premarital sexual relationships, any experiences, if any, should be disclosed to my spouse *
48) I am unable to tolerate any adultery in our life *
49) I can’t tolerate if my spouse is having the habit and addiction to pornography *
50) I like external love-making, fondling, caring, hugging etc more than actual sexual activity *
51) I should submit my whole mind, body and soul to my spouse in the first night of marriage *
52) It is better to avoid intense sexual activities during the first few days of marriage for mutual physical and mental balancing *
53) I want to enjoy the Honeymoon period in an elaborate manner *
54) I will ignore the common incompatibilities and silly problems during the initial periods of married life *
55) I am willing to seek the advice of a counselor, mentor, guide or a senior person from the family circle in times of conflicts and problems in our future life *
56) I like spending weekends, special holidays for recreational activities outside and also traveling *
57) A detailed pre-marital checkups of both spouses should be a routine to exclude any physical illness, family or hereditary problems, STD and the like illnesses *
58) I am concerned about the General health and well being of my partner *
59) Daily physical exercise and other fitness and wellness programs should be a part of our life *
60) Adopting family planning methods is a necessity in today’s living *
61) Both spouses should openly discuss about the time of first child, spacing in between, children and the number of kids and the like matters *
62) Both partners should have a consensus of opinion on raising children, their education and future, etc *
63) As far as possible, both spouses should avoid stressful situations in life *
64) As a routine both spouses should practice regular stress-reduction methods and do prayer, meditation and other spiritual practices jointly for a peaceful life *
65) Making fun with each other and keeping a sense of humor is a must in married life *
66) I am against an above-average shopping and spending habits *
67) At times I am short tempered, becomes angry quickly, cool down soon and yet I am loving *
68) I always forgive my spouse, whatever may be the provocating reason *
69) Rather than being workaholic, my spouse should manage family and work together *
70) I am against the habit of social drinking / occasional drinking / addiction to smoking and drug abuse of my future spouse *
71) I would like to spend my free time productively by reading / writing / painting / doing art works / dancing / learning music etc. *
72) I am worried about my future spouses habit of sitting late at night, watching TV and internet *
73) Over involvement in social media activities can create conflicts and confusions in married life and will also affect the future of growing children *
74) I am dead against the untimely and over usage of mobile phones by my spouse *
75) I am concerned about the excessive affinity of my spouse with friends after marriage *
76) I will be annoyed, if my future spouse maintains friendship with the opposite sex, even after marriage *
77) I don’t like the over-involvement of my spouse in social activities, organizations, meetings, night clubs etc. *
78) I like romantic expressions, when we are outside our residence *
79) Frequent use of the words “You always”/ “You can’t”/ “You are responsible”/ “You never” will affect our mutual affection and relationship *
80) I don’t like blaming each other when conflicts are arising *
81) The frequent unnecessary of my spouse’s family will affect our relationship *
82) I feel that my future spouse can deal our problems with courage, confidence and very easily *
83) I usually become quiet during an argument *
84) Since our values and ideologies are in harmony, we can solve our problems very quickly *
85) In our conversations, my future spouse's response is encouraging and maintains a high standard *
86) I think that I can learn a lot from my future spouse and I am secure with my spouse *
87) Sometimes, I may keep some simple secrets away from my spouse *
88) I am against the self-entered attitude of my spouse and the tendency to win always in an argument *
89) My spouse’s habit of giving importance to other’s opinion in our family and personal matters is not a good thing *
90) I can tolerate conflicts in our life to a certain extent *
91) My future spouse should be a good listener and should feel my feelings *
92) I don’t think that I am inferior to my future spouse *
93) I like bringing up and caring my favorite pets *
94) My childhood negativity will not in any way affect our future relationship *
95) I feel that both of us can build a life of meaning, purpose and mutual trust *
96) I don’t think that I am anxious or confused about our marriage *
97) I definitely feel that we will be Ideal couples after marriage *
98) Irrespective of the opinions given above, I feel it is better to have a personal advice of a counselor for the sake of completion *
99) Now I am giving my full consent to my parents to proceed with our marriage at the earliest or any other convenient date for both families *
100) And finally, I am surrendering everything to the Almighty God for all the Blessings in the days to come *
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