Australian Grand Prix 2017 - Entry Form
The 2017 Australian Grand Prix will be held on the premises of Associazione Napoletana - 1A Marion St, Leichhardt, NSW, on the weekend of Feb 3-5. All players are welcome, regardless of age, gender, ability or experience. Please fill in the form below to register for the tournament.
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Dinner - Social function and tournament draw - Friday night, Feb 3. Will you be attending? *
Dinner - How many extra people (who are not also playing in the tournament) will you be bringing with you? *
By registering for the Australian Grand Prix you are agreeing to take part in a manner which respects the rules of the game as outlined by FISTF and will enhance the positive reputation of the Australian Table Football Association. You are agreeing to be personally liable for any damage caused to premises or equipment as a result of your actions.
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