2020 Moon Wizarding Festival Food Vendor Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a FOOD vendor for the THIRD annual Moon Wizarding Festival! We are thrilled you want to be a part of this magical event.

The Moon Wizarding Festival will take place on Saturday September 12, 2019 at Moon Park in Moon Township, PA. It is a not-for-profit venture/community service presented by Moon Parks and Recreation. We would like to make this festival the most incredible, magical experience this side of Hogsmead!

The day will be filled with games, costume contests, wizard wrock, trivia, crafts, food, drink, games, fantastical beasts, and of course, magic!

To make this festival amazing, we need to have amazing vendors to offer goods to the crowds. We would like to offer festival goers a variety of hand-created items, crafts, foods, drink and Harry Potter licensed merchandise. All items offered at the festival should fit within the theme of the wizarding world we are trying to create so our guests feel transported.

We will be using the entire Moon Park for the event, including the pavilions. We will be able to offer power to some, but, not all vendors. FOOD vendors will be located behind the Amphitheater where the main entertainment will be. All FOOD and DRINK vendors will be in the same area.

Set-up time will be determined closer to the festival date. The festival will run time is 11:00am-5:00pm.

Since we are trying to create a certain type of "Magic" for this particular festival, vendors wishing to participate will need to fill out the form below and then be screened. The selection process will be based on:
• the vendors' offerings and how well they fit within the theme of the festival
• the willingness of the vendor to "skin" their goods to fit within the theme (tweaking packaging, naming or presentation of products to fit within the theme).

We will be choosing vendors who compliment the theme of the festival or show a willingness to work within the theme. Guests attending will want to shop themed "magical" food and drink, rather than ordinary "muggle" items.

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we will review your information, website, and product. We will make a decision as soon as possible to confirm your involvement. We must receive your booth fee, COI within 2 weeks of acceptance. County Health Certificates must be up to date and clearly displayed at event.

***BOOTH FEE****
Food Truck Space- No Power: $100
Food Truck Space- Power: $150
10x10 tent space-No Power: $100
10x10 tent space-Power $150

Vendors are expected to provide everything for their booth - nothing will be provided for you (tents, power cords, tables, signage and any other items you need to run your booth is your responsibility)

This fee is payable by check to Moon Parks and Recreation. (1000 Beaver Grade Road, Moon Township PA 15108)

If accepted as a vendor, you are expected to participate in the festival. If you need to withdraw before August 1, you may do so and receive a refund of your fee. After August 1, your booth fee is forfeited and no part will be refunded to you.

Please contact Lisa Shaughnessy (lshaughnessy@moontwp.us) with any questions!

***We have separate applications for art/craft vendors and non-profit organizations***
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