Elonmart Stone Exchange (2ND EDITION ONLY)
Here you can exchange your Moon or Mars Stones for an evolved/de-evolved version of a Pokelon that you currently own.

1. Please double check that your Pokelon is able to evolve or de-evolve before submitting. (This information is in the NFT description)

2. Send your Stone to this address on Rarity Garden:

(You can do this by navigating to "Your Wallet" on Rarity Garden, clicking the pencil icon on the upper left corner of the NFT you want to send and clicking "Transfer".)

3. Fill out the form below.

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What's your Telegram handle? *
Please include the @ version of your TG handle. (Just in case we have questions!)
Link to the Pokelon You Own On Opensea *
Link to the Opensea url!
Hash URL of the stone you sent in *
This is just a link to the BSC transfer of the stone to our unifty account in your wallet!
Which Pokelon would you like to Evolve? *
You MUST currently own an ETH version of the Pokelon in your Wallet in order to evolve it or your submission will be deleted. Also, you MUST state whether it is a Common, Uncommon, Rare or Holographic.
What Edition Is Your Card? *
You can check this at the bottom of the card. Incorrectly labeled requests will be deleted.
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