IH-30 Corridor Plan Survey
It is anticipated that the IH-30 Corridor Plan will lay out a vision for growth along IH-30. As the City continues to grow it is apparent that certain strategies must be implemented to ensure the City continues to attract high quality retail development, preserve existing retail and restaurant businesses, and maintain or increase sales tax within the IH-30 Corridor. Your response to this short survey will help staff learn more about consumer habits and help identify possible land uses that could be incorporated into the corridor.
1. What is your zip code?
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2. How frequently do you shop along IH-30?
3. How frequently do you leave Rockwall for dining, entertainment, and/or retail purchases?
4. For what reasons do you leave Rockwall?
If you selected an option for Question 4, please provide examples
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5. What dining, retail and/or entertainment uses do you want to see in Rockwall?
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