2020 Community High School District 94 Educational Foundation Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award Nomination Form
Nominations are accepted February 1st through May 1st.

This award is given with great care. West Chicago Community High School recognizes graduates who have distinguished themselves through exceptional contributions in their field of endeavor and service to humanity. These contributions exceed the boundaries of career and inspire others to dream and achieve.

The nominee must
- Be a graduate of Community High School District 94 at least 10 years prior to nomination,
- Be distinguished by exceptional accomplishments in academics, the arts, athletics, business, community
service, the environment, human rights, justice, law, medicine, research, science, or technology,
- Demonstrate a strength of character and service to humanity that go beyond the boundary of career,
- Be available by phone, email, or in person for interview by the selection committee,
- Attend the Distinguished Alumni Award Ceremony and interact with WCCHS students in a class, forum, seminar, or assembly,
- Submit a current photo.

All nominations must be received by May 1st.
Incomplete packets will not be accepted.
A candidate may be considered for no more than two nominating cycles.
If, in a given cycle, no candidate meets the nominating criteria, a selection will not be made.

QUESTIONS? PLEASE CALL Sherry Bowne: 630-890-9716 or email at sherrybowne@gmail.com.
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