2016 Rockford Area Historical Society General Survey
If you have visited the RAHS in the past, thank you! If not, we hope to see you soon. Please complete this survey so that we may better serve your interests and tailor programs so they are best suited to our members and guests.
Overall, how would you rate your experience with the RAHS and the Ames-Florida-Stork house (AFS House)? *
What would be your primary reason for visiting the AFS House? *
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What else would you do at the AFS House if you were to visit? *
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How interested are you in events happening in Minnesota around 150 years ago, during and after the Civil War? *
Not at all welcoming & inclusive
Extremely interested
How likely would it be for you to attend an exhibit or program about these topics? *
Not at all likely
Not too likely
Somewhat likely
Very likely
Extremely likely
Rockford during WWI
Flour, lumber and woolen mills
The US-Dakota War of 1862
From China to the Netherlands: Rockford's International Reach
Historic books and literature
Historic woodworking and carpentry
The Ames, Florida and Stork family histories
Music and instruments
Clothing, textiles and fashion
Travel and migration
How welcoming and inclusive have the RAHS and the AFS House felt to you? *
Not at all welcoming & inclusive
Extremely welcoming & inclusive
How likely are you to recommend the AFS House or the RAHS to your friends and family? *
Not at all likely
Extremely likely
How often have you ever visited the AFS House? *
With whom have you visited the RAHS on previous visits? *
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On your most recent visit, how many people were in your group (including yourself)? *
Just myself
10 or more
Did you visit the AFS House with children under the age of 18? *
Are you a member of the Rockford Area Historical Society? *
How do you identify your gender? *
What is your age range? *
What is the highest level of education you have complete? *
How do you identify your race/ethnicity? *
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What is your annual total household income bracket? *
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