Voice of the Demand Gen Marketer
Hello there! First and foremost we want to say thank you for taking the time and energy to respond to a few questions about 'the day in the life' of a demand generation (demand gen) marketer.

This study is conducted out of scientific curiosity: More than 70% of MKG Marketing's client portfolio is represented by high-growth technology companies. While our direct client stakeholders have a few different titles - CMO, Director, VP - they almost always are responsible for Demand Generation activities at the company.

Demand Gen spans Advertising, PR, Marketing Automation, Social Media, Email Marketing, Influencers ... the list of strategies to generate demand goes on and on.

Besides what we hear directly from our clients, what is 'a day in the life' of a Demand Gen marketer?

We want to give Demand Gen marketers like you a voice so you can hear how your peers are doing.

Enter: Our Voice of the Demand Gen Marketer Study :)

1. We'd like to ask you four simple, open-ended questions.
2. You are welcome to respond in as much or little detail as you'd like.
3. We plan to share aggregated responses back with you once our study period has closed.

By answering these questions you agree that we can aggregate your responses* with other Demand Gen pros to create a set of insights that represent the Voice of the Demand Gen marketer.

The questions are outlined below. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact MKG Marketing's CEO Mike Krass via phone or email. Both of those contact options are outlined below.

Thank you for your insights and we're looking forward to delivering you a summary of the study findings at the earliest possible time :)

Mike Krass
CEO, MKG Marketing
Work phone: +1-504-355-1436
Work email: mike@mkg.marketing

*We will not share any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) without your consent.
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