2017 Streaming Awards Vote
Peoples Choice Vote for the 2017 Streaming Awards. Vote 0-3 for each nominee (Zero Worst - 3 Best) (You can vote for as many shows as you like). The show with the most votes wins. The nominee with the most votes in their respective categories will win their category.
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Giles Warham- WOLS
Martin Sinclair – vMix
Jeff Adam's - TJAS Live
Griswold Elementary School News
Vicky Leshenko - The Mompreneur Show
NAB 2017 Live Coverage – Stronz Vanderploeg
Crossroads Church – Senior Pastor Lowell McNaney
David Foster - Geek's Life
Be Terrific – Michael Artsis
Please Enter Your Name
Jim Jacobs – FNN Network
Luria - Live Streaming Pros
Maryland Cuevas
Brittany Moran - Broadfield Distributing
James Bowman – Live Sports Australia
Jerome Hardmon – Heart2Heart Talk
Jayson Bates - 22 Minutes of Real Estate
Curtis MacDonald – Cujo Entertainment Production
Jason Bland – Paranormal Soup
Luke Austin – Alpha Live
Zac Adams – Cruise Week TV
The New Hope Baptist Church
Ari Blue – In The Circle
Krishna De – Live Stream Insiders
Tim Vandenberg- vMix Fun Time Show
Dmitry Yankovsky- NeoClassic Live
Tom Sinclair's Streaming Idiots
Caren Glasser - The Little White Lie
Andrew Haley - Wirecast Live
Big Dreams Sports TV
Phil Bumbardner- Crossroads Church
Crossroads Church Concord SC – Travis Smith , Creative Media Specialist
Michael Dawson- EventStream Canada
Wágner dos Santos - Wagner Live
Corey Benhke- LIVE X NYC
Duncan Moore - InFocus Marketing Session
Marty McPadden - BTS Live
Ryan Campbell- StreamSpot Insider
Steven Healey - Steven on Video
The 12th End Sports Network
Brian & Carrie in the Morning
Steven Heywood No Boundaries
CHSLive Streaming Sports
Scott Whitney – Time Machine Auction Experience
Jessica Chobot - Nerdist News
Pulling Radio Network
Jon Linde- Roller Derby Live
Chad Burton- Palmetto Tigers
Michael Hyatt - The Michael Hyatt Show
Loretta Frierson – Heart2Heart Talk
Julien Bellman – The Sports Fan...
Mario Armstrong - Never Settle Show
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