G.W.U Boston Membership Application
This is a membership application for the Boston chapter of Game Workers Unite. More information can be found about the international organization at https://gameworkersunite.org

All questions are for vetting purposes only and no individual answers will be shared.
What is your current working status in the games industry? *
You do not have to be currently working or previously worked in the games industry to join. As long as you are supportive of Game Workers Unite, you are welcome to join!
How are you interested in getting involved? *
How does your work relate to the game industry? *
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How would you classify yourself? *
What motivated you to apply? *
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What do you feel is important or pressing in the games industry right now? *
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Tell us a bit about your workplace. *
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What experience (if any) do you have with labor organizing? *
Having no prior organizing experience is totally okay!
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Why are you interested in joining G.W.U. Boston? *
This is so we can get a sense of why you are interested in labor organizing and why you think G.W.U. can be useful.
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How did you find the GWU Boston sign up form? *
If a current GWU Boston member referred you, what is their name?
If you only know their Discord or social media handle, you can use that here instead.
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Enter an email with which we can contact you with a link to our online community *
(make it anonymous if concerned about your safety)
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Do you have any questions for us?
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