Al-Hidaya Center's Children's Program Survey
Please help us improve the children's Quran programs held at Al-Hidaya.
Your feedback will be invaluable as we plan next year's programs. جزاك الله خير for your time.

THIS FORM WILL CLOSE ON SATURDAY 22nd JULY, 2017 AT MIDNIGHT. Do give us your input before then!

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Do you practice your child's daily lesson with him/her? Why or why not? *
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What do you like best about the program? (What is working/ you've seen positive change in your child?) *
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What don't you like about the program? Any specific issues that you would like to bring to our attention? Your constructive criticism is appreciated! *
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Would you be interested in a more comprehensive after school program (homework help/tutoring, physical activities, etc.) From 4:00-7:30pm or 5:00 - 8:00pm? *
What would your expectations be from such an after-school program? *
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For how many days a week would you enroll your child in the after school program? *
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