Richmond Living Map Project - RFP
CALL: Looking for a Richmond-based artist (or artist team) to design a new “RMap” for Richmond, CA.
DEADLINE: February 21, 2019
WORK PERIOD: March - April 2019
PRODUCT: An Art Map of Richmond, printed in May 2019.
STIPEND: $1,500

WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: We want a map that’s about art, not directions. We are looking for strong imagery, a creative narrative voice, and unique artistic expression. Share your BIG ideas with us: digital, photo, drawings, video stills, etc. How does Richmond’s beauty look to you? We do have a list of sites which will need to be included in the final project. Take a look at the 2017 RMap for these important places and to review the current design. We invite you to push way beyond what exists. Based on the final design of the 2019 RMap, we hope to create a digital interactive component. What do you imagine? Use 2017’s data points to spark your creativity.

ELIGIBILITY: All artists (or artist teams) 18 and older who identify as a Richmond artist (born in, from or living and working here now) are welcome to apply with sample works in the following mediums: painting, drawing, digital, printmaking, photography, and mixed media.

SELECTION PROCESS: One artist or artist team will be selected by a subcommittee of the Healthy Richmond initiative and a youth committee from the East Bay Center. Artists will be notified of the results on March 1, 2019.

DEVELOPMENT PROCESS: Once selected, the Richmond artist (or artist team) will work closely with East Bay Center staff throughout the month of March and early April to develop a new RMap. East Bay Center staff will provide a list of important resources and sites of beauty to include in the RMap. The artist will decide the rest.

Project to be complete by April 10, 2019.

Questions: Contact

This is the 2017 RMap. For 2019, we want an art map that expands way beyond this current expression. Please upload any sketches or re-images you create as you imagine this project.
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