KAWAIICON: II 2021 - Call For Participation
Hello! So, you're submitting a CFP reponse, huh? Super rad!

Let's just clear one looming elephant sized question before we get into the schtick:
2020 completely changed how cons and travel normally work, and we know this means some folks might not be able to fly to our little island. The crüe have thought a lot about how we want to run a con' in this new world - heck, we spent a whole year and a bit thinking on that very subject. We love our overseas speakers and friends dearly, but we are not going to do any virtual speakers for the con'. If you submit to the CFP, you gotta be able to make your way into New Zealand to actually do the talk. Sorry, friends :( We are still working out ways to have folks virtually tune into talks, but we just don't feel up for virtual speaker wrangling.

With that out of the way, there are two different *spicy* types of participation we are calling for this year: talks and other random fun bits. We don't quite know how we will work the fun bits into the con, but we find ya'll are pretty great with coming up with cool ideas for things.

So if you want to add some spice to the con - like run an event in the Renouf foyer, show off a sweet new magic trick on the side stage in hallway con, or just want to help us give out tickets to people who need them - fill your idea out here and we just might throw money at that problem to make it happen. Keep in mind: we would need you to run with the idea. We are already pretty busy with running the con, so this is like signing up to help contribute. For those unfamiliar with Michael Fowler Centre, we got quite a lot of space, and we would love to use it to make hallway con extra special this year.

In terms of talks: We want to see submissions from everyone. So if you're new, that's cool! Rad, even! If you're not new - well, we guess you know what you're doing, so just submit? We might ask for links to your past talks, so be prepared! We know it can be daunting to sub a talk to Kawaiicon, and we know a lot of you have ideas and are wibbling about whether or not your submission really counts. Well here is the voice of reason: it does count! Submit it!

Still not sure about your submission? Or maybe you want some advice or help? It may not surprise you to know that underneath these layers of black hoodies, we are actually very approachable friendly people. You can email us at kiwicon@kiwicon.org and we can help you get to the point where you just submit the damn thing.

We often get asked what we look for in a submission, and it is real real hard to explain. Here are a few things that can help though:
-content that shows new thinking or research or techniques
-content that people can use or action
-presenter who we can trust on stage in front of a buttload of people to follow the code of conduct and deliver a good talk
-a presenter who has worked or contributed to the talk topic so they are pretty credible
-a talk that is entertaining and witty
-a good balance of content across the different areas of infosec and avoiding any duplicates
-shorter talk windows for those who are newer to speaking or are covering well-talked about content

Please don't submit multiple talks - just the one you are most confident and proud of. We get a lot of subs, and we read every single one. We would like to spend more time crafting crazy con things than reading multiple entries, if that's cool? And please no metlstorm fanfic (we truly have enough).

We are a community run conference, so we are generally broke af. We can't pay for everyone's travel and accommodation, but we will have some sponsorship, and will do our best to get you here if you need help. There are some other neat things that come along with being a speaker, like:
-green room access (voted better than Def Leppard's!)
-super comfortable reclining chairs and blankets for your snoozicidal tendencies
-mad props and high fives from a bunch of people who enjoyed your talk
-before and after VIP event shenanigans
-probably also tiaras!

Have you really read this far? Submit already! Stop us from using so many exclamation marks!


<3 and \m/,
kawaii kiwicon crüe
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