Detroit Transportation Grant Program
Detroit Transportation Grant Program

The University of Michigan benefits greatly from engagement in Detroit, the city of our birth. Our partnerships are designed to bring mutual benefit to the university and to the state’s great urban district, and our students and faculty greatly value the opportunity to work with our Detroit partners.

To this end, U-M is piloting a Transportation Grant Program designed for U-M Ann Arbor student organizations and/or faculty-directed projects or classes engaging in the City of Detroit. Through this program, U-M hopes to reduce the transportation barrier for Detroit engagement to enable expanded partnerships and greater impact.

This program is intended to support formal U-M Ann Arbor engagements. All student organizations applying for the grant must have a SOAS account and Faculty must provide a unit shortcode to which funding can be transferred. This program is NOT intended for individual student requests. This grant awards up to $15 per traveler per trip. The pilot has a limited pool of funds, and will cease once these funds are exhausted.

To ensure your request qualifies for review, please ensure all required fields are completed with as much detail as allowed.

Upon approval, groups will be provided with funds that can be used towards the use of the Detroit Connector or to make alternative travel arrangements.

Groups seeking funds need have an activity that:

1. Supports the U-M mission through engagement in and with Detroit, for example:
a. Assists in establishing and maintaining University - Detroit partnerships;
b. Provides learning opportunities for U-M Ann Arbor students;
c. Serves as a training or capacity building event for Detroit communities;
d. Provides a service of value to a Detroit constituency, such as a community-based organization, business, service agency, government, etc.;
e. Supports key scholarship that has value to the city;
f. Advances the values and mission of the University.

2. Must serve:
a. U-M Ann Arbor students, faculty, staff or alumni;
b. Detroit citizens, either as individuals or through civic, school, or nonprofit partner organizations.

3. Is aligned with a strategic theme of:
a. Economic mobility and development
b. Cultural expression and arts innovation
c. K-12 Educational Outreach
d. Healthy neighborhoods and community development

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