PRINCIPAL SURVEY For Secondary Students
This survey asks questions about the effectiveness of the building principal. The results will be used for to inform the principal’s leadership within the school. Please select a response from the drop down menu below for each question.
What school do you attend? *
Who is your building principal? *
1. My principal is an effective leader. *
2. My principal promotes a vision of learning. *
3. My principal is visible and accessible. *
4. My principal cares about students. *
5. I am comfortable talking to my principal about my problems and concerns. *
6. My principal has a positive reputation and good relationships with students. *
7. My principal communicates effectively with the school community. *
8. My principal makes sure we are safe in our school. *
9. My principal makes sure the school is orderly and events are managed effectively. *
10. My principal is a good problem solver and is able to successfully resolve issues that come from students and staff members. *
11. My principal maintains a focus on student needs when discussing issues and making decisions. *
12. My principal confronts problems with honesty and integrity. I can trust my principal. *
13. My principal works with parents and the broader school community in order to gain support for the school. *
14. The principal is open to student input on school-related matters. *
15. My principal handles student discipline in a fair and consistent manner *
Optional: Please tell us about your principal.
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