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The intent of this series is to share the story "behind the design" for your project, highlighting the business practices used to obtain, complete and promote the project.

We understand that some of the information requested may be confidential, so just skip the questions that you don't feel comfortable answering. Please be as honest and transparent as possible. Your submission may inspire and motivate others to succeed in their own practices.

Sending you a sincere thank you for sharing your knowledge with The EntreArchitect Community of small firm architects.

Mark R. LePage
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Project Name
Project Location
Firm Name
Architect’s Name
Project Design Team
Firm Address
Website URL
Instagram Account
Photography Credit
Photographer Instagram Account
What was the marketing strategy behind acquiring this project? If its a development project, what is the marketing strategy to sell it?
Do you have a formal sales process that you follow to “close the sale” and complete the agreement transaction? Describe.
Do you have a regular business development process (pipeline) that you use to acquire the leads for the next project? Describe.
What type of fee structure did you use on this project?
Is that your preferred fee structure? If not, what is?
What was the construction cost for the project presented?
Describe your design team for this project.
Which design software was used for this project?
Which communication tools did you use? Among team? With clients? With contractor?
Are you using project management software to manage your projects? If so, what are you using?
How much control did you have over the design of the project?
How involved was your client throughout the design process? Throughout construction?
Describe the construction team for this project.
What was the architect’s role during construction?
Do you provide construction administration on every project?
If development, how early are the contractors involved in your designs?
Were there any conflicts with clients or contractors during the process? If yes, how were they resolved?
What was the process for permitting?
Do you have a post-construction process to follow up with the satisfaction of your client?
Was this project published? If so, where and what was the process to be accepted for publication?
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