Strand 3 - Student Attainment/Engagement
2nd Year Student Questionnaire
Do you use your journal to record your homework every day? *
If you do not get written work for homework, do you record your learning for that lesson in your journal? *
Do you have time to record your homework at the end of class? *
How long are you given at the end of class to record your homework? *
Do you use the ‘Traffic Light System’ in the journal during class? *
How long do you spend on homework per day? *
I work hard at school. *
I do my best in class. *
I complete my class work regularly. *
I have used my ICT tools on my phone in class to help learning (menti, Kahoot etc.) *
I am comfortable asking my teacher(s) for help. *
I work well in a group or team. *
It is easy for me to communicate my thoughts and ideas in class. *
What we do in school will help me succeed in life. *
Do you believe intelligence can be improved through work? *
I try things even if I might fail. *
Within the last month, how often were you absent from school? *
Are you happy with your results in class tests? *
If NO to previous question, what would help to improve your results?
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What organised activities do you participate in whether inside school or outside? (Can be more than one answer)
How often do you participate in the above activities? *
How often is English spoken in your home? *
Are other languages spoken in your home? *
If YES previous question, what other languages?
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Type of Learner (Can be more than one answer): I am a *
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