Encore Leadership Corps (ENCorps) Volunteer Application
In order to qualify as an ENCorps volunteer you must be aged 50 or older and:

• Reside in the state of Maine
• Have a strong interest in community development, community health, and/or environmental stewardship
• Be willing to volunteer for a local planning board, environmental organization, community program, or participate in other opportunities that fit with the goals of the Corps (prior volunteer experience of any type preferred). If you are currently volunteering in a similar capacity, then you meet this requirement.
• Have a strong interest in lifelong learning
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Do you attend or participate in any of these organizations? Check all that apply.
Please expand no your answer above by providing the names of the organizations, agencies, or municipalities with which you are affiliated and contribute to as a volunteer.
Briefly describe any past involvement or experience you have had in environmental, community development, or community health projects or activities. If this does not apply to you, please describe other past volunteer experiences you have had including any boards or committees you have previously served on. *
Please describe what, if any, volunteer activities you are currently doing. We would also appreciate it if you could provide any available contact information for organizations or projects where you volunteer. ENCorps collects contact information so that we can let these organizations or projects know about opportunities of potential interest to them and to refer other individuals who may be looking for new volunteer opportunities.
How does the concept of smart growth apply to the work you are doing if you are currently volunteering? The following is a definition of smart growth: “Smart growth involves practices that improve the environment, economy, and public health of a particular community. Smart growth advocates mixed land use, environmentally friendly transportation, resident participation in local decision-making, localized resources, activities that encourage healthy lifestyles, and preservation of open spaces. The goal is to build healthier, more sustainable communities for people of all ages.”
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Thank you for completing our online application If you have questions or would like to fill out the application over the phone, please call us at 207-262-7925 or email info@encoreleaders.org
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