Inclusion Web Module 1

    What is Inclusion?

    The term “inclusion” closely follows the mission and purpose of Girl Scouting. In fact, Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona has our own inclusivity statement: Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona embraces pluralism and actively promotes inclusivity within our organization and the world. Inclusion means that all girls plan and participate in all activities, regardless of level of ability. Inclusion means girls with disabilities participate in activities alongside girls without disabilities, of the same age and in the same troop or group. The inclusion of girls with disabilities beside girls without disabilities benefits all girls. Everyone learns that she is more alike than different.

    What is Disability?

    The law does not define particular disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ensures the same basic civil rights for people with disabilities that people without disabilities already enjoy in housing, transportation, communications, and public access to buildings and activities – including in Girl Scouting. The ADA protects any person who: -Has a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits a major life activity -Has a record of such impairment -Is regarded as having such an impairment The ADA Title III -Requires places of public accommodation to be accessible and usable by people with disabilities -Prohibits discrimination by private businesses in the “goods, services, facilities, procedures, privileges, advantages, and accommodations offered to the public.” Who is the girl with a disability? -A stranger’s daughter -A neighbor’s niece -A friend’s cousin -Your daughter’s friend -It could be your own child Strive for unity with inclusion. It’s not about “those girls,” it’s about “our girls.”