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This is the form to reserve a slot, before payment is processed, from Eliamaria M. C.
Terms and Conditions
This form is for preparing your invoice or store listing for payment. Make sure it is filled out fully as accurately as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at artofeliamariamc [at] gmail [dot] com.

Payments for commissions are only accepted via Paypal. This is for shipping and insurance purposes. 50% payment is due to ensure the booking of your slot. Full payment will be due once the commission sketch is approved for final inking.

Pricing (listed at covers the cost per character as well as cost per comic panels along with their respective color choice as stated by the client. US shipping is an additional flat rate of $5 (five dollars). International shipping is an additional flat rate of $15 (fifteen dollars). Right now due to the pandemic and with holiday demand, I cannot guarantee that pieces will arrive by their desired time once they leave my possession, but I will try my best to complete it within a reasonable time to ensure a safe and prompt delivery. I also cannot guarantee that international orders will be allowed into your country from the US. Should you need your art and shipment rushed, you will be subject to additional art and shipping fees depending on the deadline provided. TO REITERATE: Should you need your art and shipment rushed, you will be subject to additional art and shipping fees depending on the deadline provided.

Once you have booked your slot, you will need to provide reference or detailed description of who you are wanting drawn. If you are commissioning a custom comic, you will need to provide the writing or the guides necessary for me to fulfill the writing work for the comic. I will send outlines, storyboards, and sketch previews before laying down ink and color for approval. You get two edits before you are subject to additional art time. Additional art time is $20/hour. Once approved, the remainder of your payment (if you have not paid in full yet) will be due. The art work will not continue until payment is made.

All sales and art are final once the final draft is approved. After the commission is complete, I will send the digital version via Google Drive in a private delivery folder. I will also provide a link for the tracking number for the delivery of the physical copy.

I have the right to refuse a commission inquiry for any reason. I do not illustrate offensive or hateful matter nor anything that is dealing with illegal activity. If you have a question regarding anything that may be questionable, feel free to email me and we can discuss.

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How many Characters/Panels will be illustrated? (Any more than 6, and we will need to discuss spacing options) *
If commission is a character portrait (not comic) will it be an icon, half body, or full body?
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What color option would you like your commission in? *
From the price list, are there any of the additional options that we may need to explore? (If unsure, that's ok! We can discuss it more in full as work goes on) *
Finally, I do like to live stream my art work. Sometimes that includes my commission work. Is it ok to work on this commission during my streams? (It's ok to say no, I promise! I know some of these are surprises and need to be kept secret.) *
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