Application for Research Mentoring
You can use this form to apply for being advised on a research project in my areas of interest. Please only submit this form if you meet the following requirements:

- Experience in writing scientific papers (at least one published peer-reviewed paper).
- Experience implementing deep learning models (tuning and replicating performance).
- You need to be available for 6 months and can commit at least 20 of hours of week.

I review applications within a few weeks and will reply to those that are selected for an interview. I encourage applications of candidates from underrepresented backgrounds.

I'm looking forward to your application!
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Availability *
Start, duration, an hours per week. For example: Feb 2021, 8 months, 30 hours
Education *
Select the latest level of education that you are currently enrolled in or that you have completed.
Resume *
Please insert a URL to your CV or resume. If you use a Drive link, don't forget to enable link sharing.
Papers *
Up to three URLs, one per line. For your application to be considered, you need to list at least one scientific paper that you contributed to substantially. Including unpublished work is okay and I will treat it confidentially.
Code *
Up to three URLs, one per line. The code examples do not need to be clean but should be pragmatic. Ideally, this should include your implementations of existing or new deep learning algorithms or other complex programs.
Experience *
It is important to include examples of deep learning methods that you have implemented. Importantly, please include both the performance that you achieved and a means of comparison. For example: "Implemented algorithm A and achieved score of B on task C compared to the score of D of baseline method E."
Project ideas *
Please list the general research topics you want to work on. Ideally, also include a few precise ideas for research projects that you are excited about.
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