Premade Map Order Form
The order form to buy V. M. Jaskiernia's premade fantasy, scifi, game, and/or rpg maps! These are maps that can be customized slightly for a price, but are otherwise for sale as is. If you want an entirely custom map please go to the Custom Map Order Form.

The maps are priced based on their size and how much modification to the map you desire. If you have a question about whether a change is considered big or small, please contact me :)

After one of these maps are sold they are taken down. They will not be resold, and you become the owner of the map and can do what you want with it (put it in your ebook or use it for your tabletop game, etc). I only ask you allow me to use the map in my portfolios online to showcase my work.

On the slim chance two people buy the same map before it can be taken down I will discuss the matter with the buyers and offer a discount to the second buyer for a different map.

Payment is integrated into this form!
You will be taken to checkout after you submit your form. If you choose not to pay right away, an email will be sent to you with how much you owe, and where to checkout. Email me if you need a map asap and need more time to pay.

You can edit this form if you haven't paid yet - so if you decide you actually want a medium map instead of a small, you can make changes and it will update the prices.
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Which Premade Map would you like?
How many labels/cities/names would you like added to the map?
How much customization would you like?
If you are customizing things, please let me know what you want - the names of the cities and towns, or where to add in a desert. Feel free to grab the premade map and use Paint to give me a rough idea of what goes where.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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