Helsinki International Kino Kabaret 2018 - call for participants! <3
Join us for a fun and magical short film workshop in Helsinki in July! We get together, pitch our ideas for films and start making them - and two days later we screen them in a local cinema. Everyone is welcome join, no previous experience in filmmaking is required. The schedule is as follows:

5.-7.7. Session I
8.-10.7. Session II
11.7. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, we have a one-day special quickie challenge/chillout day. What is a quickie, you might ask. You'll find out soon enough <3
12.-14.7. Session III

Each session has a participation fee of 15 euros. (except for the quickie/chill out day which is complementary<3)
Members of Euphoria Borealis only pay 12e/session (Wut wut! If you want to become a member, fill this form:

We practice the guidelines for safer spaces in all our events and we are a discrimination-free zone.

What is Kino Kabaret?:
Tietoa Kino Kabaretista suomeksi:

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We will have three sessions of three days and one quickie challenge / chill out day :)
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