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Thank you for showing interest in our virtual cocktail making session!

Jason Thalacker (RPCV China 2010-12) will be teaching us to make 3 cocktails using relatively accessible ingredients along with simple syrup and then top it off with a take-home-recipe! Feel free to participate in making any or all of the cocktails!! Below is the list of ingredients:.

Amaretto (Dissarono or the like)
Chambord (What Jason calls, "a home bar essential."
Whisky/Bourbon/Rye (whichever you have/prefer)
Bacardi Rum/any clear/silver rum
Triple Sec(Cointreau/something similar)

Simple Syrup (We'll make some together)
Lemon juice
Lime juice
Ginger Ale (Schwepp's is good!)

A cocktail shaker OR a mason jar w/lid
A cocktail jigger OR a shot glass/measuring spoons/etc
A cocktail muddler OR idk, something to mush things did Peace Corps, get creative:)

Optional ingredients, if you’re feeling fancy:
Angostura (aromatic) Bitters
An egg white or is it egg whites?
A brandied cherry (Jason will share his favorite recipe!)
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