Jefferson County Bicentennial #200in200
Since its founding on December 13, 1819, Jefferson County has been the home of innovation. Starting on May 27 (200 days from the county's 200th birthday), Jefferson County will share via social media the 200 people, places, things, and events that define Jefferson County's history of innovation. We call it the "200 in 200" (#200in200).

We want to know what YOU believe should be on the list! Share your input below, and include an original photo of your nomination if possible. If your response is selected to be shared on Jefferson County social media channels, you could win some bicentennial merchandise. Please enter your email address so that we can contact you if you are selected.

What category does your nomination fit?
Who or what are you nominating for the #200in200?
Why does your nomination deserve to be among the "200 in 200" list?
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