Honors Academy Capstone Project Proposal Form
The Honors Academy Capstone project is designed to STRETCH and GROW you as a person. Choose a topic that is both interesting to you and feasible for you to complete by next. You should expect to spend about 40 hours of time planning, researching, organizing, and executing your project. You will identify a mentor to guide you, and you will present your findings in front of both an interested community group and at the Celebration of Excellence.
This form MUST be completed by 11:59 PM on March 26, 2021
Failure to complete this form in a timely manner will result in your dismissal from the Honors Academy program. If you have questions or issues, please send an email to houstonhonorsacademy@gmail.com
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AP Capstone Program/ STEM IV Dual Enrollment Option *
This is the two course sequence AP Research and AP Seminar that you take as a junior/senior. Students in this category may count that as their Honors Academy Capstone project.
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